Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Anyone Can Doodle!


Grab a pen or pencil if you like the option to erase...
and whatever paper is handy and get creative!

What? You say that you are no artist? Not the creative type?


 EVERYONE can doodle!

That is true!  Also true is that you and any number of people could doodle or draw a stick figure, or a simple object like an apple and they will all be a bit different.  That is the way it should be, after all we are all individuals...variety is what keeps the world interesting.

It is my hope that by sharing here the different things I am doodling on, about, with or just might be encouraged to do a bit of doodling on your own!  If you are already a 'closet doodler'...jump on out from behind closed doors and share your creativity! 

This little dream doodle started when I simply traced around a cookie cutter that was left out. I was on the phone listening to a somewhat one-sided conversation and while murmuring things such as ...hummm, really? To let the other person know I was still there, this little doodle took place and later became a notecard for a friend.

You can use things such as the cookie cutter, stencils, or other shapes as templates and then simply start filling in the outlines. This dachshund was just an outline that I began to fill while the family watched a movie that I just couldn't get interested in.

Join me in doodling daily...

The name DAYLEE here is a play on the 'daily' concept..but also happens to be a combination of an old childhood nickname and my daughter's middle name.  Since my goal is to be creative on a daily basis with DayLee style it just seemed appropriate don't you think?

Go ahead..leave a comment and feel free to share your creative doodle/ drawing/ artistic ideas and passions!!!