Friday, February 20, 2015

Promoting and Selling my Doodle Art.

Since the first of this year I have been working towards the goal of promoting and selling my doodle art and am excited to report that I have sold five 9x12 inch pieces as well as several 5x7 inch cards even though the cards were simply 'samples' that I was showing to some people for feedback!

Promotion thus far has been word-of-mouth and Facebook updates both on my personal Facebook page and my DayLee's Creative Doodles fan page.

There is a huge Art Show here in April and I am still on the fence about entering it mostly due to a small inventory and a huge case of nerves!  We shall see.....stay tuned to fine out if I do or if I don't...

Here are a few of the popular doodled critters I have completed (and have for sale).
They are drawn with black Micron pen on 9 x 12 inch 90# watercolor paper.

The black borders are NOT part of the original drawing but simply added to help feature them  on webpage.

Feel free to visit both my doodle page and my Facebook page and 'like' us!

The seahorses, giraffes, and the large elephant in the top drawing began as templates found in the Ornation Creation Facebook group. Ben Kwok makes these templates available for any purpose providing you do not reproduce or claim credit for the original template. His awesome artwork can be found on his BioWorks page using a link found in his Facebook group. 

Come back and visit this blog for an introduction to more doodle critters soon!

Monday, February 16, 2015

First Zendala for 2015

Well - Here we are well into 2015 and to be honest, just decided to work on this blogspot as a way to share recent doodles and other creative ideas.

Looking for fresh inspiration on this dark rainy day I decided to revist Erin's Zendala Dare posts at the Bright Owl Blog and was wonderfully surprised to see she has resumed the Zendala Dare with new templates.

So here is Erin's template -

and here is my interpretation of it!

I think I'll title it 'Rainy Day Playtime' pop on over to Erin's Blog and check it out. Be warned....working on those templates can get habit forming!!!!  But a great way to spend a cold dark winter day!