Saturday, March 7, 2015

Doodle Art & Experimenting

I've done several rough doodles that have gone into the 'circular file' aka-trash!
Also have been exploring and experimenting a bit with color and new paper choices.

I plan to also pick up some different art papers for the black and white artwork and stretch outside my comfort zone a bit so stay tune!

This week we were hit with another nasty cold front and even though the expected ice passed us by it was way to cold to think about doing anything outside.

So of course that meant a good excuse to doodle! (Of course, y'all know ANY excuse or no excuse at all will do!)

I decided to use a piece of scrapbook paper roughly a 6 inch square and a template from Ben Kwok's Ornation Creation page on Facebook.

I kept the doodles themselves to a minimum as the idea was to play with the paper and colors for this piece.

Once completed, I scanned it to my computer and used my Perfect Effects 8 edit program to increase the contrast so the paper pattern showed better online and also added the frame/ border using the editing program.

Here is the finished piece.

Please leave a comment I love hearing from visitiors and stay tune for additional experiments in the (hopefully) near future!

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